24 Carat™ - With Real Gold

24 Carat™ - With Real Gold


24 Carat™ - With Real Gold
Peau d'Or
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Tanning lotion with real gold give you perfect result and skincare! Excellent gift for your skin and the one you love! Melanin Boost, Tan-Extend & 24K Gold Bronzers!

Tanning Lotion With Real Gold! At moments in history, the rules need to be rewritten, where we have to change everything we know for something new. We wanted to shake the world of tan lovers by making the best indoor tanning lotion available to mankind! Introducing 24 Carat™, an insanely rich blend of premium tanning and skin care featuring cutting edge tanning technology and even real gold dust! Peau d’Or® 24 Carat™, let’s change the rules.

Tanning Lotion.

24 carats.

Available in: 200ml

UV Rejuvenating® Complex
Revolutionary anti-aging complex that will significantly reduce the negative effects of UV light on your skin and will make you look younger!

24K SmashGold Bronzers™
24K SmashGold Bronzers™ are a dark blend of the very latest technology in bronzing. They will make your skin glow like gold! Get an even tan and look stunning!

Smart-Dark Bronzers™
Get dark the smart way! These modern high dimension tanning bronzers work directly after application, leave your skin with a beautiful golden-brown tan and show an even complexion. Do wash hands after application.
Deep ‘n Dark Intensifier™
Unique in tanning! Up to 28% darker and deeper tanned with Deep ‘n Dark Intensifier™. Results are scientifically proved!
Tan-Extend Complex™
Stay tanned for up to 49% longer with the patented and scientifically proven Tan-Extend Complex™.
Melanin Boost Complex™
A revolutionary bronzing cocktail for the best and most durable tan of your life. This cocktail of carefully selected ingredients boost the natural making of melanin in the skin for a long lasting, 100% natural and very dark tanning result.
Exquisite silicone complex that will make your skin feel soft and smooth like pure satin.
Copperized Tan Activators™
Copperized Tan Activators™ stimulate the making of natural Collagen and Elasting. Helps to reduce wrinkles and other signs of skin aging significantly! Spectacular results!

UV Fresh Technology™
Anti-odour, pro-freshness! Stay fresh during and after tanning with our patented UV Fresh technology™.

Color Prepare Agents™
Variety of natural extracts that optimally prepare the skin for the natural tanning process.

Provitamin D3
Pro-Vitamin D3 stimulates the making of Vitamin D and speeds up the natural tanning process. Vitamin D also works as a mood enhancer and strengthens the immune system.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that prevents skin aging due to the negative effects of UV light and also intensely cares for your skin.

 Omega 3-6 Complex



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