Pearl Noir™ Tanning Lotion

Pearl Noir™ Tanning Lotion


Pearl Noir™ Tanning Lotion
Peau d'Or
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The mythical Black Pearl is the perfect symbol for what to expect of this exquisite tanning lotion from Peau d’Or®: wealthy, pure and dark tanning!

Pearl Noir™: A myth comes true... The mythical Black Pearl is the perfect symbol for what to expect of this exquisite tanning lotion from Peau d’Or®: wealthy, pure and dark tanning! The finest in skin care combined with the very best in tanning featuring our latest inventions: the Deep ‘n Dark Intensifier™ and Tan-Extend Complex™. Getting a darker and longer lasting tan, while obtaining your skin’s perfect condition! Pearl Noir™, a myth comes true...

Tanning Lotion.

22 carats.

Available in: 200ml

UV Rejuvenating® Complex
Revolutionary anti-aging complex that will significantly reduce the negative effects of UV light on your skin and will make you look younger!

24K SmashGold Bronzers™
Tanning lotion with 24K SmashGold Bronzers™ are a dark blend of the very latest technology in bronzing. They will make your skin glow like gold! Get an even tan and look stunning!

Smart-Dark Bronzers™
Get dark the smart way! These modern high dimension tanning lotion bronzers work directly after application, leave your skin with a beautiful golden-brown tan and show an even complexion. Do wash hands after application.
Deep ‘n Dark Intensifier™
Unique in tanning! Up to 28% darker and deeper tanned with Deep ‘n Dark Intensifier™. Results are scientifically proved!
Tan-Extend Complex™
Stay tanned for up to 49% longer with the patented and scientifically proven Tan-Extend Complex™.
Melanin Boost Complex™
A revolutionary bronzing cocktail for the best and most durable tan of your life. This cocktail of carefully selected ingredients boost the natural making of melanin in the skin for a long lasting, 100% natural and very dark tanning result.
Exquisite silicone complex that will make your skin feel soft and smooth like pure satin.

UV Fresh Technology™
Anti-odour, pro-freshness! Stay fresh during and after tanning with our patented UV Fresh technology™.

Color Prepare Agents™
Variety of natural extracts that optimally prepare the skin for the natural tanning process.

CoQ10 Anti-Aging
Co-enzym Q10 is an essential antioxidant found in every living cell that provides the energy source for cellular renewal and smooth, firm skin.

Blackcurrant Extract
A powerful antioxidant extracted from the blackcurrant, famous for its high nutritional value, which reduces the number of free radicals in the different layers of your skin.
Provitamin D3
Pro-Vitamin D3 stimulates the making of Vitamin D and speeds up the natural tanning process. Vitamin D also works as a mood enhancer and strengthens the immune system.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that prevents skin aging due to the negative effects of UV light and also intensely cares for your skin.

 Omega 3-6 Complex



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