Gold Tanning Tannymaxx Solariumskrem

Gold Tanning Tannymaxx Solariumskrem


Gold Tanning Tannymaxx Solariumskrem
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Tannymaxx Gold Tanning Solariumskrem 200ml The Gold 999,9 Tan Preparer is a tan accelerator.

Tannymaxx Gold Tanning Solariumskrem 200ml

The Gold 999,9 Tan Preparer is a tan accelerator. The tanning lotion activates and accelerates the natural skin tanning process by the amino acid Tyrosine contained in the tan accelerator. The skin quickly becomes brown and is exposed to less UV light. In addition, the tan accelerator contains the natural protective function of the skin.


Another positive side effect of the tanning lotion is the anti-aging effect achieved by the Hysilk Hyaluron contained in this sun tan lotion. This penetrates into deeper layers of the skin than does regular Hyaluron due to the lower molecular weight of the molecules. It therefore allows the skin to regenerate and restore its natural moisture (anti-wrinkle). Thanks to this special skin care integrated into the tan accelerator, the skin looks smoother and firmer and the skin is visibly “rejuvenated” (anti-aging cream). Another ingredient of the tan accelerator is Urea. Urea is a substance made by the body that facilitates the binding of moisture in the skin and restores chapped, dry skin. The Jojoba Oil also contained in the suntan lotion additionally soothes and strengthens the tan.


How do I become a healthy brown? Apply the tanning lotion evenly to the skin as daily body care. To intensify the natural browning process, apply the tan accelerator immediately before sunbathing or going to the solarium and allow it to absorb. Do not exceed the skin’s own protection time. The tanning lotion does not contain sunscreen and doesn’t protect against sun burn and skin damage caused by UV rays.



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